Xactimate Training

16 Continuing Education Credits

Attendees who complete the training class will have the knowledge to complete an entire claim using the Xactimate software. Attendees will have the skill to use the “sketch” portion of Xactimate to diagram roofs and floor plans, and to estimate graphically. They will also have the ability to estimate using traditional “line item estimating” and categorize insurance coverages into different summaries. Attendees will be able to print different reports along with a final report which includes the estimate, photos, and “sketch” diagrams.

Mason Certification/Customer Service Training

The attendees of the Mason certification and customer service training course will have a broad understanding of carrier expectations. Our assessment exam at the end of the course serves to certify adjusters to work with our premiere customers. There is an interview done by Mason's experienced team leads following the course to identify the areas needed for improvement of each adjuster. Mason aimes to teach the best claims handling practices in this course. The material focuses on knowledge of insurance claims procedures, knowledge of insurance policies, the ability to operate computer equipment and software, knowledge of the construction process, and following all ethical guidelines.

Carrier Specific Training

Mason claims provides carrier specific training pre and post deployment. Contents, file examining, team leading, and team assisting. As part of the contents portion, adjusters will learn the entire process of a contents claim including receiving and setting up the file, contents customer service, scoping and photographing the claim, and processing the claim for payment. Through the file examining portion of training, adjusters will learn to examine files for a specific carrier. As part of the team lead and team assistant training, adjusters will learn the company philosophy and expectations of their role in deployment. All carriers have different policies and procedures that dictate a deployment for the adjuster. This training enables adjusters to better service each carrier they deploy for.